Holiday Reversal Package

Before and After 12 treatments.jpg
Before and After 12 treatments.jpg

Holiday Reversal Package

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Holidays are the time where the best homemade food, cocktails, and parties occur. They are also the time where pajamas feel the best, for a good reason. ;) 

Take advantage of our Holiday Reversal Package which includes:

12 Full Body Dazzle Light treatments

Now for only $1999, we at OC Laser Lipo believe that you should not have to suffer for your neighbors homemade cookie plate and grandmother's secret toffee recipe. 

What to expect:

1) Average inch loss is between 10-25 inches! Each person is different, so during your initial consultation, our technicians will be able to determine a more accurate estimate of inches lost based on your body type. 

2) Each Full Body Dazzle Light treatment is scheduled twice a week and lasts about an hour to an hour and 30 minutes. Please expect to be in the office for an average of an hour for each visit. 

3) No Downtime! Whew! No drains, no redness, no itching whatsoever! With minimal effort on your end, fitting into a smaller size has never been easier. 

4) Two inch guarantee! Every initial Full Body treatment includes our Two inch guarantee within the first hour of treatment. 


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