Introductory Full Body Treatment

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Introductory Full Body Treatment

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Our Full Body treatments are the only treatment on the market that carry an FDA approval for guaranteed immediate results. Besides that this patented technology is the only of its kind that is an LED based system with multiple FDA clearances for circumferential inch loss and skin rejuvenation including the the fading of dark spots. 

Typical treatment recommendations:

-Drink two to three liters of water a day, starting the day before treatment.

-Eliminate alcohol consumption the day prior to treatment as well as three days after treatment.

-Wear a compression garment (SPANXX or body shaper) for 12 to 24 hours after treatment is received. 

-Participate in 30 minutes of lymphatic stimulating exercise. Examples include: walking, yoga, pilates, or interval running. 

An eight treatment series is typically recommended for best results. What's the average inch loss in an eight treatment series? Plan to see anywhere between 9-20 inches in loss! During the initial appointment, our technicians will be able to determine your estimate of potential loss. 

About this Deal:

-Includes One Full Body Treatment

-Limit one per client

-Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount voucher

-Can be used by one person

-Cannot be exchanged for other services

-Additional treatments are available in packages in store. 

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